CFVC Welcomes Kathleen Thompson as Board Chair

It’s a new year and we are off to a great start to 2016.  In the spirit of all things new, we wanted to introduce you to our new Board Chair, Kathleen Thompson.  Kathleen took over as Chair of our Board of Directors at the end of 2015, after Dr. Judy Battles, who continues to remain active on our Board. stepped down. Many of our staff, volunteers, and community members are already familiar with Kathleen’s can-do, positive attitude, as she has been involved with our agency for many years; but for those that have not had the opportunity to get to know Kathleen yet, we recently took the opportunity to ask her a few questions.

CFVC Board Chair Kathleen Thompson

CFVC: Tell us about yourself – what should our staff and supporters know about you?

KT: I am thrilled to be able to lead the Board and work closely with CFVC’s staff and supporters.  I am passionate about empowering those around me, leadership, and making a local difference.  I am the President of 1Source International, a collaboration and virtual event company, and recently graduated with my MBA!  But more than that I am a mom to four adorable rescue pups, a wife to my best friend, and a passionate Philadelphia Phillies & Eagles fan!

CFVC: You have been involved with CFVC in many capacities – intern, staff, board member and now chair – which of those has impacted you most?

KT: Being a Case Manager/Advocate was some of the most rewarding work that I have ever done.  The position was challenging, exciting, empowering, and fulfilling.  Every day brought a new challenge to connect clients to resources, collaborate on case management plans, and dream big with the clients.  Many of those dreams, fueled by hard work and persistence from the client, did come true.  For example, one of my clients was provided a brand new smile from an award winning Atlanta dentist, another client maintained long-term employment, and another client moved into her own house!  Super rewarding!

CFVC: What has made you remain committed to CFVC over such a long period?

KT: CFVC’s empowering mission and values are inspirational. Personally, I have had family members and friends experience domestic violence and not know where to go for help.  CFVC is a place where help, hope, and healing is available.  I am committed to CFVC because of the incredible life changing work that is done every single day.

CFVC: Why do you think people should get involved with CFVC?

KT: We are all in this together and with education, advocacy, and additional resources we can have a community that is more aware of intimate partner violence, the resources available, and the ways to ensure safety.

CFVC: Do you have a CFVC-related new year’s resolution?

KT: Great question!  I am committed to assisting with fundraising for CFVC and also ensuring that the CFVC staff is celebrated by serving on the Compensation and Care Committee.

CFVC: Is there anything else you want to add?

KT: I am thrilled to have the opportunity to lead the Board and partner with [CFVC’s Executive Director] Meg [Rogers] on 2016 strategic initiatives.  A big THANK YOU to all CFVC staff that is changing lives every single day.  You are so important to this work and so appreciated!

CFVC Pillow Drive Dive

We are excited to see where our year, under the leadership of Kathleen Thompson, takes Cherokee Family Violence Center. Continue to visit us here and on social media to keep up with the latest CFVC news.  Happy New Year!

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