CFVC's Community Impact in 2022

This holiday season, we celebrate the accomplishments of both our clients and our staff, and we ring in the New Year with hopes of further enriching programs, providing empowering services for the families we serve, and providing hope for domestic violence victims and survivors.

CFVC’s impact on our community in 2022 (as of 12/1/22):

  • Our Legal Advocates collaborated with other area agencies through the Domestic Violence Multidisciplinary Team and with Victim Advocates from the Sheriff’s Office to assure that domestic violence victims and their families get the services and care that they need.
  • 251 Cherokee County Residents received additional protections through Temporary Protective Orders
  • Our staff completed over 2,000 hours of training to stay up-to-date on trauma informed practices and best practices of caring for domestic violence victims and survivors, including two book clubs intended to give better perspective on our clients. The books included were: It Didn’t Start With You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle by Mark Wolynn  and The Deepest Well by Nadine Burke-Harris.
  • Outreach and education is integral to the work that we do. Our staff shared our message to 23,000 people this year at in-person events and via Zoom.
  • Domestic violence does not discriminate. CFVC staff provided services to 3,045 people from 44 different countries.
  • 24 volunteers and Interns gave 4,805 hours of their time in 2022.
  • 24 families moved into our Transitional Housing program, each of which were provided with fully furnished apartments.
  • 263 women and children had a safe place to lay their heads in our Transitional Housing Program
  • 110 women and children fleeing abuse received shelter within our Emergency Shelter
  • 65 people in imminent danger received safe shelter in area hotels
  • 310 Children received age-appropriate services ranging from safe shelter to after school programming. 73 children in our care received birthday treats and toy closet visits for birthdays.
  • Child Advocates made 25 trips to R.T. Jones Library this summer for their 6-week summer reading program. The reading time for participants was between 850 and 1000 minutes!
  • Financial support was provided for 17 children so they could attend The Boys’ and Girls’ Club summer camp,
  • 4,104 crisis calls were taken by CFVC’s Hotline staff and volunteers
  • 1,925 people received assistance in planning for their safety and the safety of their children
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