Housing and Advocacy Services

While many complex theories exist about why some victims are unable to successfully escape abusive partners, the truth is often quite simple: inadequate financial resources often serve as powerful barriers to a victim’s access to legal counsel, transportation, medical care and housing.  Financial independence often equates with independence from the abuser.  It is difficult to overstate the crucial role affordable housing plays in a victims’ ability to free themselves and their children from Domestic Violence.

It is with this in mind, that Cherokee Family Violence Center developed the Transitional Housing Program, Hearthstone Landing in partnership with NuRock Management.  This gated apartment community is comprised of two, three and four bedroom apartments, an activities center, free after school program, a swimming pool and playground, as well as a comprehensive array of onsite supportive services.  Each unit has an intruder alarm system and comes equipped with all appliances, including a washer and dryer.  Rent is based on household income and the property hosts a mix of Section Eight, Income Tax Credit subsidies and market rate rentals.  Families are welcome to stay for up to three years while they are working on their path to permanent housing.