Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do if I need safe shelter in Cherokee County?

If you live in Cherokee County and have experienced domestic violence and feel that it is unsafe where you are living, please contact our 24 hour Crisis Line at (770)479-1703/TTY (770)479-7703/en Español (770)720-7050 and talk to one of our specially trained Domestic Violence Crisis Counselors.    If you are a Georgia resident in need of assistance, call the 24-hour toll-free crisis line at 1(800)33-HAVEN (or 42836).   If you are outside of Georgia, please call the national domestic violence crisis line at 1(800)621-HOPE (or 4673).


Will anyone know that I’m here?

We use the highest levels of confidentiality and discretion with our clients.  All of our policies and procedures are designed to keep you safe and your identity and information confidential.  Once you are in the shelter, all residents are asked to uphold the confidentiality of other residents and not disclose the location as well.


What can I expect to happen once I am in the Shelter?

Once you arrive at the shelter, a staff member will greet you.  Our staff will then assist you with any bags or personal items and ask you if you have any immediate needs  (i.e. food, drink, bathroom, etc.).  You will be asked whether or not you are in need of any immediate medical attention.  If not, then our staff will give you a tour of the shelter, go over our security procedures, give you a personal care package and linens and then assign you to your room/bed.  If you are not too tired, shelter staff will then ask you to meet with them to complete the intake information. Otherwise, it is to be filled out as soon as possible the next day.   Staff will gather the information, get appropriate release signatures and develop a safety plan.  A personal lock-box will be provided for all prescriptions and a personal locker will be provided for all personal belongings.  A picture of you, along with pictures of any injuries, is taken upon entering our shelter. You will also be given a Resource Guide and Resident Manual that details all of our services and rules of the shelter.


How much does this all cost?

All CFVC services are offered at no cost to you. Cherokee Family Violence Center is a Not For Profit Organization.


Can I bring my teenage son?

All children under the age of 17 are welcomed at the shelter.  If you have sons older than 17 that are living with you and are in danger at your current residence, CFVC will make every effort to find a safe place for you and your children.  We never want you to choose between your safety and the safety of your children.


Do I have to buy my own food?

No. Our Emergency Shelter provides all meals for shelter residents.  If residents should have special cultural, religious or medical dietary needs, you can discuss these needs with shelter staff and we will make every effort to accommodate those needs.


Will I have to share a room with another family?

As space permits, yes, you may have to share a room.  However there will never be a case in which you are separated from your children.


What if I need to come in the middle of the night?

We are a 24 hour 7 days a week facility. We provide services at all times. If you need to come into shelter in the middle of the night, please call our Crisis Line at (770)479-1703/TTY (770)479-7703/en Español (770)720-7050 and a shelter advocate will be available to assist you with arrangements on how to come into shelter.


What if the shelter is full?

While we cannot guarantee availability, our 24-hour staff will make every effort  to find you and your family shelter in a neighboring county in order to ensure your safety.


Can I bring my pets?

Unfortunately, we do not have proper facilities to accommodate pets.  We do, however, work closely with another non-profit organization that will assist you with finding safe shelter for your pets.


Do I have to get a Temporary Protective Order to stay in the shelter?

A Temporary Protective Order (TPO) is not needed to enter our Emergency Shelter.  A TPO is a service that we offer,  but only at your request. If you should decide that you would like to have a TPO we have three legal advocates on staff that can assist with filing.

What do I do with my belongings?

All residents are provided with a secured locker for their personal /valuable belongings as well as a lock box for their medications.  If you will need additional storage for larger items such as furniture, please let the hotline worker know so that we can plan around how to retrieve and store your items safely.


How do others (such as friends, family, or employers) get in touch with me while I am at the Shelter?

CFVC has a phone line specifically for use by residents or you may choose to use your cell phone.  In the event that you don’t have a cell phone, your family, friends, or employers can get in touch with you by calling the Resident phone line.