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Women and children given shelter.


Counties around the state where shelter clients came from.  


Referrals made to community resources.

Our Shelter

CFVC is dedicated to supporting domestic violence victims at every stage of their journey. Whether someone urgently needs a safe haven from abuse or is taking steps towards finding permanent housing, our compassionate shelter staff is here, offering round-the-clock care and unwavering support to families seeking refuge from the turmoil of abuse. Simultaneously, we operate two of the busiest domestic violence hotlines in the state, ensuring that help and guidance are just a call away for those in need.

CFVC’s shelter serves clients from across the state of Georgia, offers shelter for anyone in the United States fleeing their abuser, and, when needed, offers asylum for immigrant victims of domestic violence.

Creating A Safe Haven

At CFVC, we are deeply committed to creating a safe haven for domestic violence victims that feels like home, regardless of the duration of their stay. CFVC’s emergency shelter is thoughtfully designed to provide comfort and solace, making it more akin to a home than a traditional emergency shelter. Our dedicated, bi-cultural, and bilingual staff are a constant source of support, ensuring that even in the midst of challenging times, individuals and families find comfort and understanding. We believe that by offering this warm and welcoming environment, we can help make scary situations feel a little less daunting.

Let's Eat!

We embrace the Southern tradition of serving people through food, recognizing its power to nurture both body and soul. Whether you’re a seasoned professional chef, a culinary enthusiast, or simply the go-to takeout connoisseur, you can make a meaningful impact by supporting our shelter staff and bringing joy to our shelter residents through the gift of home-cooked, takeout, or catered meals. Your delicious contributions not only fill hungry bellies but also provide a taste of comfort and care, reminding survivors that they are valued and supported during their time of healing. Join us in sharing the love, one meal at a time, and make a difference in the lives of those staying at our shelter.

Do you need emergency shelter?

Call our Shelter Advocates 24/7 for availability and advocacy at 770-479-1703.

Two Truths & A Lie

Misconceptions about domestic violence are everywhere. Can you sort the truths from the myths with our adaptation of the icebreaker “Two Truths and a Lie?”


Two Truths & A Lie

1 / 15

Most domestic violence incidents are never reported.

2 / 15

Domestic violence is usually a one-time event, an isolated incident.

3 / 15

Domestic violence as well as serial and mass criminal violence often involves animals.

4 / 15

Most children are not aware of the violence in their homes.

5 / 15

One in four women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime.

6 / 15

Domestic violence happens everywhere and in all kinds of families, rich and poor, urban, suburban and rural, and in every racial, religious, and age group.

7 / 15

If a mother is abused by her children’s father, the children are also likely to be abused.

8 / 15

Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behavior that happens repeatedly and escalates in severity over time.

9 / 15

Abusers usually increase violent behaviors in frequency and intensity over time.

10 / 15

People who abuse their partners because they cannot control their anger.

11 / 15

Domestic violence is the number one predictor of child abuse.

12 / 15

Domestic violence is a private family matter.

13 / 15

Most children are aware of the violence in the home.

14 / 15

A pregnant woman is at an even greater risk of physical abuse.

15 / 15

Most couples end a relationship if their partner hits them.

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Our Partners

Hotline Services

People reaching out to our 24/7 hotlines in English or in Spanish receive the following services:

  • Crisis intervention.
  • Domestic violence education.
  • Individualized safety planning.
  • Referrals to agencies that provide legal, economic self-sufficiency, sexual assault, elder abuse, children’s and other domestic violence shelters for related services.
  • Intake, if space is available at CFVC’s shelter.

Domestic Violence Hotline


For assistance in Spanish, please call the Statewide Spanish Hotline 1-800-33-HAVEN, option 2.

You’re one call away from getting the help you need.

Statewide Spanish Hotline

800-33-HAVEN, Option 2

Contact CFVC’s Multicultural Advocates for assistance with Family Violence Temporary Protective Orders and individualized safety plans.

Contact Us

770-479-1804 ext. 200

Call 800-33-HAVEN, Option 2, today to connect with Multicultural Advocates who can assist you in your search for safety and housing solutions.