Lorena Jacobo

Lorena Jacobo, Multicultural Advocate

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770-479-1804 x115


Lorena Jacobo is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW).  Previously, she received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Kennesaw State University.  She is a current member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW).  She began as an intern at CFVC Multicultural Program in 2012.  Her previous experience includes counseling children and families and volunteering with non-profit organizations.


Describe your role at CFVC.

I am a part-time multicultural advocate. I assist immigrant families affected by domestic violence.


How did you come to work at CFVC?

I chose CFVC as my second year internship placement while getting my master in Social Work at Kennesaw State University. I worked primarily with the multicultural program. I was inspired by the dedication and passion of all the staff towards ending violence and their commitment to safer families. I started working as a full-time advocate in January 2014.


What has made you remain committed to CFVC since then?

It is a great organization to work for. The staff is very knowledgeable and continually strives to provide good services. Their dedication is always inspiring.


What has been your favorite memory with CFVC?

In 2013, as an intern, I helped organize the annual Candlelight Vigil along with other interns. Seeing it all come together was extremely rewarding.


Why do you think people should get involved with CFVC?

The agency has so many great programs to help women and children in many capacities. Never the less, we are always in need of in-kind donations or volunteers to make the activities possible. Any involvement with the agency contributes towards a better outcome for the families with work with.


What’s the biggest proof that you’re good at what you do?

I try to offer the best service I can to all the families I work with. I want to believe that my work empowers families to create a better and safer future. During my work at CFVC, I have had the pleasure to see many women reach goals they never thought they could achieve.


What’s your biggest accomplishment?

As part of the outreach strategies to connect Spanish Speaking victims to resources through the Statewide Spanish Hotline, I visited many of the state certified family violence agencies. I was able to meet other passionate advocates and educate them about the service and other resources available for immigrant victims of domestic violence. I want to think that the effort, at the very least, helped continue the conversation about the safety and resources for underserved populations in Georgia.


What problems do you consistently solve for your clients?

The main barrier I hear from my clients is access to resources or the lack of information about their rights. I assist them finding and navigating resources, as well as educating them about their rights and options.


What do you most look forward to in your work?

I enjoy meeting new clients. Their stories can be very inspirational and a reminder of why I do this job. Additionally, because I work with immigrants, I meet people from different countries. It is always educational and enjoyable.


Certifications or professional memberships:

Member of the National Association of Social Workers


List of CFVC events you have run or participated in:

Annual Candlelight Vigils

Poker Run