Ellia Simon

cfvc_logosEllia Simon, CFVC Board of Directors

Business Community Representative

Ellia Simon Agency, Financial Services


How did you come to be involved with CFVC?

I was looking for a local organization in which I could be of some service.  I was recruited by Ms. Judy Battles.

What has made you remain committed to CFVC since then?

I am passionate about helping women and children.

Describe your role on the CFVC Board – are you working on any special projects?

I am a very new member working with Judy Battles on the Fund Raising committee to secure a vehicle for the upcoming raffle. Additionally, I volunteered to work on the By-Laws Committee.

Tell us about yourself – what should our clients and supporters know about you?

I am a financial advisor and insurance professional serving our community for the past 20 years and I am committed to educating women on all things financial.  I believe that women should be knowledgeable about investing, insurance, budgets, managing debt, and daily money management.  I am happily married with 4 children.  My alma mater is the University of New Haven, CT. I serve on The Georgia Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW) Cherokee Chapter organization;

What has been your favorite memory with CFVC?

The day I receive an email allowing me the opportunity to serve.

Why do you think people should get involved with CFVC?

There is a great need to support and encourage women and men that are down trodden and discouraged by life style events.  There is a tremendous task at hand to seek out those individual and companies that are generous enough to support such an initiative.

What is the biggest challenge you think CFVC faces and how could CFVC supporters help with that issue?

Finding the resources to meet the challenge of the growing need in our community.  Supporters can be instrumental in providing and/or raising financial support

What do you most look forward to in terms of CFVC’s future?

Maintaining efficiency in meeting the needs of those most in need; building strong community partnerships that can help with the financial sustenance of the organization

Is there anything else you want to add?

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to hopefully make a difference in the lives of those in need in our community.