CFVC Candlelight Vigil

Thank you to all that came out to our annual Candlelight Vigil, which was held on October 28, 2014 at the Park at City Center in Downtown Woodstock, Georgia.  The event is held each year to honor survivors of abuse and to mourn those lost to Intimate Partner Violence in the past year.  This year, a display of chairs represented the 71 domestic violence related fatalities in the State of Georgia this year.  A chair was selected to represent each victim as a symbol of our community’s loss – each death represents a family member missed at the dinner table, a coworker missed at the office, a friend missed during book club, a child missed by their classmates.

Silhouettes displayed around the park represented Cherokee County victims who lost their lives to Domestic Violence in recent years.  The silhouettes stand as “silent witnesses” to our event each year.


The event featured survivor speakers Chelsea and Maricela and a keynote address by Representative Mandi Ballinger.  Local music group, Highbeams, provided accompanying music for the vigil.

As candles were lit around the park, the names of victims from the State of Georgia who were lost this year were read by Heather Chamblee, Kayla Fillingim and Sheri Vaughan, prosecution-based advocates that join in partnership with us in our work to provide support victims and end domestic violence.  As the names were read, a drumbeat sounded every nine seconds, which is the rate at which a woman is abused by her partner in the United States.

The vigil was held in remembrance of the following lives:

Annie Belle Jarrett, 63

Leonard McKeehan, 63

Lynn York , 66

Sondra Williams, 56

Jessica Schanae Nowell, 24

Susan Sheriff, 45

Shevonta Hardwick, 23

Katrina West, 36

Alicia Johnson, 53

Gladys Bailey, 66

Bridgette Holt, 47

Margaret Elizabeth Lawson, 86

Fu Li, 58

Melvina Dunlap, 62

Alexis Dodson, 37

Kristy Robinson, 37

Cheyanne Nicole Hair, 16

Pamela Hardy, 43

Jesus Dominguez, 4

Thelma Vinhal, 35

Euclides Guinato-Bernardes, 30

Lakendra Elam, 27

Terrence Norman, 28

Anisa Taylor, 34

Anne Pastizzo, 66

Daniel Garcia, 13

Kayla Garcia , 11

Marion Lamonte Wiggs, 40

Tyree Jevontae Burtin, 38

Haneefah Harris, 44

Tonya Moses-Charles, 44

Bridgette Flowers, 37

Jimmie “Bo” Faye Meeks, 50

Sheray Latriest Felton, age unknown

Maria Nunez McDaniel, 29

Betty Mulbah McClain, 45

Casey Nicole Mitchell, 33

Kathleen Sheehan, 45

Jennifer Gatewood, 25

Laurie Chumley, 38

Jason Forkin, 40

Patricia Murray, 32

Rubii Cross, 34

Natty Ortiz-Ramos, 43

Anthony Tirrell Murray, 30

Rashawn Jackson, 34

Melissa Kimsey, 30

Angela Whitten, 53

Katherine Landers, 41

Lauren Smart, 34

Jessica Osborn, 28

Navy Thuy Vo, 35

John Malone, 48

Phyllis Frazier, 51

Elois Anderson, 52

Lekeisha Williams, 33

Deborah Lindley, 45

Marisol Rodriguez, 32

Brandie Lawson, 27

Sharonda James, 40

Sharon Wilkins, 55

Rosella “Rose” Mitchell, 32

Dylan Conner, 6 months old

Destiny Clarke, 20

Kara Miller, 29

Paxton Miller, 21 months

Chheng Voight, 37

Treasey Wingo, 47

Jessica Arrendale, 33

Fran Taylor, 63

Thanks to each of our speakers, CFVC Staff, Interns, Board and Volunteers, Beth Siegel, Target of Canton, the Cherokee County Domestic Violence Task Force, Fast Signs of Canton, Israel Holcomb, Highbeams, A Dove’s Nest, Woodstock High School Interact Club, Cherokee High School Art Department Woodstock Police Department Police Explorers, and the City of Woodstock Parks and Recreation Department for their assistance with making the vigil a successful event this year.

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  1. LaChanda Greggs on October 28, 2016 at 1:03 am

    I never seen this before.
    Let me introduce myself.
    Hello my name is LaChanda Greggs. I am the sister of one of your victims on the list Shevonta Hardwick.
    My sister was murdered on October 31,2013 i Georgia by her boyfriend.Shevonta was 23 yrs old. She was born and raised in Oakland,California. She moved to Georgia freash out of high school to attend college.
    The murder of my sister has caused me so much grief along with anger. It hurts to know about the info that occurred that early morning in October i cry for my sister daily knowing that she was hurt and alone. My sister left California to futher her education in Georgia and Georgia sent mysister back to California in a box. The person responsible for my sister murder was capture and sent to trial and sentences life. Even tho justice prevail it still will not bring my sister back i pray for the victims families and may they be comfort in there time of grief. I would like to thank those who honored my sister name in a moment of silence for respect for her life on this day…thank you

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