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Congratulations Rhiannon!

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Rhiannon Beard has become a valuable asset to the staff of the Cherokee Family Violence Center Legal Department while she has been completing a semester long undergraduate internship. This is her last week at CFVC but we have far more to celebrate than just her work – Rhiannon, a Junior studying Human Services at Kennesaw State University, just got hitched! Please join us in congratulating Rhiannon and Alec Wenzel and wish her well on her next adventure.

Congratulations Rhiannon & Alec!

Congratulations Rhiannon & Alec!

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CFVC Teambuilding: November 2014

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Here at CFVC we believe that the team that plays well together, works well together.  Just before Thanksgiving, CFVC Staff Members put together snack mix packets to be delivered to some of our most valued community partners.  The snacks were delivered by CFVC Staff who each chose an agency to receive the thank you gifts, as a way of showing our appreciation for all of the hard work the organizations and individuals put in to help CFVC clients and staff this year.

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Do you have an outrageous team building idea that you would like to see CFVC staffers participate in?  Tell us all about it!  Email and you may just see a picture of us doing that in the future.

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Ribbon Tying Event

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In preparation for our annual candlelight vigil, we posted an awareness display of ribbons in the Park at City Center in Woodstock Georgia.  The impactful display featured ribbons in various colors serving as a visual representation of Domestic Violence Statistics from the past year (September 2013 to August 2014).

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During that time period, there were 4,084 Domestic Violence related calls made to the Cherokee County 911 center.  Each of those calls was represented with a purple ribbon which was tied around the park.  Yellow ribbons were tied to represent the 1,498 hotline calls made to CFVC during that same time period.  The 275 clients sheltered in CFVC’s emergency center and transitional housing were represented by pink ribbons, and blue ribbons signified the 186 Temporary Protective Orders filed by CFVC Advocates.  71 white ribbons were tied around the park which represented Georgia’s Domestic Violence fatalities this year.


Approximately 30 volunteers were present at the Park at City Center on Monday, October 27, 2104, to help CFVC Staff Members tie the ribbons.  Volunteers tied over 6,000 ribbons in two hours, covering the park’s gazebo, benches and trees with strips of purple.

We want to offer a round of thanks to the following volunteers who offered their assistance in installing this year’s ribbon display: Olivia Alexander, Suzy Austin, Judy Battles, Jenny Bertram, Jordan Cash, Liz Castaldini, David Castaldini, Richard Crocker, Katie Cruce, Christina Delgado, Sue Ernst, Olivia Ferguson, Kayla Fillingim, Diane Glynn, Kim Grayson, Kathie Lumberg, Adrienne MacDonald, Linda McGrew, Cheryl Petersen, Sam Pond, Jailyn Robinson, Kathleen Thompson, Devin Tolkinen, Tyler Tolkinen, and Cindy Trapnell.


We would also like to offer special thanks to Unity North Atlanta Church and Kennesaw State University who offered many volunteers as well as the Woodstock High School Interact Club and their sponsor Kristin Bintliff who cut, counted and bagged the 6,114 ribbons used in the display.  Interact Club members whom attended the Regional Interact Conference also assisted with the ribbon preparations as a service project at the conference and also prepared another display that was set up at the Candlelight Vigil.


A display of this nature is not possible without the support of our community, so thank you to everyone that helped us with this year’s display!

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Welcome Fall 2014 Interns

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We would like to welcome our Fall of 2014 University Interns to the Cherokee Family Violence Center.

We are pleased to welcome:

Brooke Larson

Lisa Steltenpohl

Devin Tolkinen

Kathryn Woerner

Lauren Wood

We appreciate the time, dedication and commitment that you’ve expressed with choosing CFVC as your internship site.

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Goodbyes are Always Tough

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ashley intern

We wanted to extend thanks to the last of our 2013-2014 interns, Ashley Sharpton, who left CFVC yesterday.  Ashley is studying for her Masters in Counseling at Brenau University and did considerable work with the families and children here. We wish her well as she moves on to complete her Doctorate at Pacific University.  Make us proud, Ashley!

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