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Finding resources for families affected by domestic violence and stalking is not just essential; it’s a lifeline for those in need. Domestic violence shatters lives, leaving scars that extend far beyond the visible. These families often face isolation, fear, and a profound need for safety, support, and healing. Resources provide a path forward, offering shelter, counseling, legal aid, and a chance to rebuild shattered lives. They are the tools of empowerment, allowing survivors to reclaim their strength and independence. It is our collective duty to ensure that these vital resources are accessible and available to those in need, for in doing so, we pave the way towards a safer, more compassionate society where every family can find hope and healing.


Domestic violence victims often struggle finding affordable housing as they grapple with the urgent need to escape abusive environments. The financial burden and limited availability of safe, low-cost accommodations can lead to someone staying with their abuser.


Domestic violence victims face the challenge of securing services that can enhance their safety from abusers, grappling with the urgent need for protection and security measures to break free from the cycle of violence and rebuild their lives in a safe environment.


Securing vital resources for daily necessities, rent, and utilities is a crucial step towards empowerment and a life free from abuse. Dedicated support programs and resources tailored to these unique needs are crucial in maintaining victims’ independence from their abusers.

Quality of Life

Overcoming the aftermath of abuse is a complex journey. Domestic violence victims often encounter difficulties in accessing essential services to enhance their quality of life for their families, such as clothing, food, and mental health support that can make a profound difference in their path to healing and recovery.

Find Help Georgia

Find Help Georgia is an easy way for residents to get connected with help, based on our comprehensive directory of local resources that will help strengthen families. Help seekers can search by ZIP code, or speak directly with a resource specialist by phone or online chat to locate resources near them.

Statewide Spanish Hotline

800-33-HAVEN, Option 2

Contact CFVC’s Multicultural Advocates for assistance with Family Violence Temporary Protective Orders and individualized safety plans.

Contact Us

770-479-1804 ext. 200

Call 800-33-HAVEN, Option 2, today to connect with Multicultural Advocates who can assist you in your search for safety and housing solutions.

Hotline Services

People reaching out to our 24/7 hotlines in English or in Spanish receive the following services:

  • Crisis intervention.
  • Domestic violence education.
  • Individualized safety planning.
  • Referrals to agencies that provide legal, economic self-sufficiency, sexual assault, elder abuse, children’s and other domestic violence shelters for related services.
  • Intake, if space is available at CFVC’s shelter.

Domestic Violence Hotline


For assistance in Spanish, please call the Statewide Spanish Hotline 1-800-33-HAVEN, option 2.

You’re one call away from getting the help you need.