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Office Closed/Support Groups Cancelled, 2/9/16

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It looks like a snow globe outside!  We are closing our main office at 2:00 PM today.  To make sure you are safe, we want you to stay in tonight and be warm so we will not be holding Adult or Children’s Support Groups tonight.  Please call our hotline if you need support anytime, regardless of weather (770) 479-1804.

As a reminder, the CFVC main office will close in accordance with closures of the Cherokee County Justice Center.  Van service and activity group cancellations generally coincide with Cherokee County School Department closures.

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Weather Related Closure

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The CFVC main office will be closed today, Friday, January 22, 2015 at 2PM due to the impending weather issues.

As a reminder, CFVC’s main office as well as additional on-site activities are considered canceled when the Cherokee County Justice Center or Administrative Offices are closed.  We are aware that weather conditions are likely to continue to be problematic throughout this week, so we would encourage you to check for an update before attempting to head to our office.

We will post updates on further closures this week, on our facebook page.

You can always reach us on our 24-hour hotline (770) 479-1703 if you have shelter or safety planning needs.  Please stay safe!

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Giving is Easy – Just Clean Out Your Junk Drawer

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Remember when cell phones had keyboards?

Remember when cell phones had keyboards?

We are sure that some of you have an old cell phone like the ones pictured above taking up valuable space in your drawers. If you do, you should bring it to our main office! We are able to repurpose old cell phones like those to help our clients. Even if they aren’t working!

If you have any questions about how easy it is to help CFVC with our mission of a community safe for everyone, please contact Meg Graham, Volunteer Coordinator at 770.479.4641 or by email here.

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Sports Leagues Begin to Take a Stand Against IPV

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Last week was a week of great progress for intimate partner violence advocates. The Major League Baseball Association (MLB) announced last week that it was working with advocates to revise their policies regarding intimate partner violence. Although the new policies have not been announced, we at CFVC are excited to see how the MLB chooses to address this issue. This process has been ongoing since last September, when IPV was brought to light again by the abuse against Janay Rice by her then fiancée, now husband, Ray Rice.

In the world of college football, the South Eastern Conference has recently adopted a new policy about disallowing players who have been convicted of intimate partner violence from playing on any Conference team. According to, the policy states, “a transfer student-athlete who has been subject to official university of athletics department disciplinary action at any time during enrollment at any previous collegiate institution (excluding limited discipline applied by a sports team or temporary disciplinary action during an investigation) due to serious misconduct (as defined herein) shall not be eligible for athletically-related financial aid, practice or competition at an SEC member institution.” Kuddos to the SEC, a conference known for its passionate  devotion to football, for taking a stand against IPV at the collegiate level, especially since the SEC is a large source of future NFL players.

IPV perpetrators are not just athletes, however, we hope that changes like the SEC’s and MLB’s will reflect the growing cultural trend that IPV is a crime that will not be tolerated. If your workplace could benefit from training about keeping IPV victims safe in the workplace, or any potential ways to partner with CFVC, please contact Meg Graham, Volunteer Coordinator at

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